The aim of this site is to promote ways of thinking that emerge outside trans-Atlantic metropolitan centres. Building on the South Project, it profiles individuals and organisations that explore a southern perspective on a broad range of disciplines, including creative arts, humanities, professions, social and physical sciences.
The nature of this ‘south’ initially reflects an alternative to hegemonic ideas.  It is a contested space for broad, engaged, informed and bold thinking from the other side.

This site is principally focused on a growing network of Australian and New Zealand academics who are interested to open their disciplines up to these perspectives.  It is hoped that the resources it contains will also be of benefit to alternative voices both across the South and in the North.

The following are involved in the evolution of South Perspectives:

Southern Perspectives is coordinated by Kevin Murray.

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    see the site of the Dhaka photo festival above, it may be of interest to your project.

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