A network of organisations and individuals engaged in ways of thinking that are alternative to Western universalism

The promotion of paradigms that are alternative to Western universalism has increased in recent years with many new research centres and individuals producing what might loosely be called ‘southern thinking’. This does not imply a consensus of ideas and there are strong regional variations. However,  it is underpinned by a broad solidarity by thought challenged by the uneven distribution of intellectual resources.

Southern Perspectives was established to help promote engagement with southern thought in Australia. As a predominantly Northern culture located in the South,  we face a challenge to overcome the colonial mentality that prevents full dialogue with other settler colonial cultures.

There have been a number of initiatives towards this over past six years. Southlink is a listing of organisations and individuals. The immediate purpose is to offer a means of connecting with the broad diversity of thought and practice in this area. This will hopefully demonstrate the scale of the field. If you or your organisation would like to be included in this list, please fill out this form.

The logo was designed by David Corbet, curator of South 3.


CLACSO – Latin American Council of Social Sciences
Notices of events and repository of research documents in Spanish and English

El Programa de Estudios Sur Global (Universidad San Martín)
A program of events and research in Buenos Aires featuring leading thinkers across the South


Christine Black
Aboriginal law academic and author of ‘The Land is the Source of the Law’

David Corbet
Curator of South series of exhibitions

Greg Lehman
Tasmanian Aboriginal scholar

Idea of South
A journey to the Souths of the world

Institute of Post-Colonial Studies
an independent educational institution devoted to understanding postcolonialism and putting it into practice.

Raewyn Connell
Professor Emerita at the University of Sydney, sociologist and author of Southern Theory

Race and Ethnicity in the Global South
Research centre for studying the role of race in colonisation of the South

Settler Colonial Studies
Journal and blog on settler colonial issues

Southern Multilingualisms and Diversities Consortium
A consortium of sociolinguists and applied linguists who work in multilingual contexts around the world and who collaborate with research groups and / or centres with a focus on multilingualism.

Southern Pespectives
A network for promoting exchange of ideas across the South


Dialogue with the South
Ideaz is a non-profit association aiming to provide a bringing-together of academics, intellectuals, and cultural workers from the „South“ and the industrialized countries in the North.


ANPOCS – Associação Nacional de Pós-Graduação e Pesquisa em Ciências Sociais
Portal for social science in Brazil

South-South exchange programme for research on the history of development


Eduardo Devés
Essays and books including development of peripheral theory

Instituto de Estudios Avanzados (IDEA)
Latin American research network for social sciences at Universidad de Santiago


Amawtay Wasi
Intercultural university with focus on Indigenous knowledge


Alice Project
A project that seeks to to re-think and renovate socio-scientific knowledge by drawing upon “Epistemologies of the South.

Multiworld India
An association to encourage diversity of learning across the South


Enrique Dussel
Philosopher of ethics with focus on liberation struggles


CODESRIA – Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa
Centre for social sciences in Africia

Johannesburg Workshop in Theory and Criticism
Centre that aims to be a critical node in the re-territorializing of global intellectual production

Wits Institute for Social and Economic Research
Interdisciplinary research institute with focus on South Africa


Dag Hammarskjld Foundation
A foundation to catalyse dialogue and action for a socially and economically just, environmentally sustainable, democratic and peaceful world. I

Global South Network
A network for solidarity with educators and people in the Global South.


Intellectual network for the South


Center for the Global South
A research organisation that seeks to solve pressing issues in the Global South





5 thoughts on “Southlink”

  1. I am Happy to share My HomePage at your site. I have also recently taken up discussions on how to create a different development paradigm beyond the present capitalist and neoliberal view on development.

  2. Jakelin Troy says:

    how do I become a member?

  3. Robyn Walton says:

    I’m interested in people’s thoughts on any South-South commonalities they see in literary writing (style, content) and in material culture/constructed environments (eg manifestations of neo-Baroque).

  4. I guess the obvious reference is the ‘school’ of magical realism. But you may need to be more specific. Are there particular areas of literature and architecture that you are focused on?

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