Suwiki is a network for those interested in a south-south exchange of ideas. It is an opportunity to consider alternative ways in which knowledge can be produced outside the transatlantic metropolitan centres. Writers, academics and creative practitioners can register and connect with those on the same latitude.


To join Suwiki, you will need to provide information about yourself, including an email address for notifications and image. This information will become part of your profile, so please be generous with what you disclose so others know where you are coming from. The email address will remain private. You can determine whether or not to receive email notifications. It’s good to have at least some Suwiki email so that you don’t miss interesting updates. When you register, you will have a drop down menu My Account. This provides alternative slices of information, as follows.


The Activity Stream is the place where you can keep up to date on what is happening. This is information only relevant to you. You can contribute to Suwiki by:

  • Writing a status update in your activity stream
  • Posting a new topic in a group forum, or adding to an existing conversation
  • Uploading an image of interest
  • Adding a related link


Groups are a key to Suwiki. Here you can join other members who share a common interest. The ‘Main’ group is designed as the default group and all members are encouraged to join.

Within a Group, you can post a topic for discussion. You can also start your own Group if there’s an interest of yours that doesn’t seem represented yet. This can be useful for issues specific to a particular local region.


Suwiki is a stand-alone network. The information you provide here is kept secure and cannot be accessed by any other platform. You are free to delete your account when you wish.

At Suwiki

Once you’re registered, you’ll notice menus at the top of the screen.

My account

  • Features your own activity, those you have ‘friended’ or ‘followed’ and groups you belong to, including status updates, posts and links, and those that you have marked favourite.


  • The activity stream for all members

If you visit someone’s page, you can either send them a private massage or ‘mention this user’, which is similar to posting on a wall in Facebook. The user is notified of your mention and it is visible to others.

You can post a status update on your profile page or in one of the groups. Also in the group you can post a topic in a forum. Topics are more formal and invite discussion. They are listed separately.

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