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Southpaw issue 2: ‘The climate’

Southpaw is a new literary journal dedicated to publishing fiction, poems, critical cultural commentary and many other forms of writing and image-making from and about the global South. Each issue is loosely themed around a concept, issue or experience (and we hope their mutual relationship) affecting or of interest to those who live in the South. By the ‘South’ we mean both the geographical South (the Southern hemisphere) and those regions and peoples relegated by global forces to much less powerful, and sometimes invisible status, in the play of global cultural relations.

The editors are seeking fiction, creative non-fiction, poetry, play scripts, reviews and essays of 500 to 3000 words and images in colour and black and white for Southpaw issue 2.

The theme of our first issue (2012) was ‘displacement’. The theme of issue 2 will be ‘The Climate’. We expect writers and artists will take this theme up in more and less literal terms. The climate is a pressing question for the global community, but especially for many southern communities – whether south-east Australia and its increasingly fire-prone countryside or Indian Ocean and Pacific island communities’ immediate struggle with the effects of rising sea levels. Another point of departure could be Australia and South America’s special relationship in the mutuality of the la nina and el ninocycles that have shaped cultures on either side of the southern Pacific for millennia. And Southern climates generally, to put it another way, speak of other, and sometimes contrary colours and tones to those dominant in the North, and may have a connection with colonial and anti-colonial settings and experiences.

‘The climate’ carries over into every level of our personal and communal relations, and we hope that this notion will inspire collateral thinking about what ‘climate’ might mean to us in all its shades.

Deadline: 15 September 2012

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